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Paramount Wastewater Solutions

Paramount Wastewater Solutions

"Where service is Paramount"

Paramount Wastewater Solutions is a Wastewater Solution Management Company that is based out of Central Texas.
Paramount specializes in safe, economical, and environmentally conscious wastewater and grease treatment & disposal, including transportation with adherence to strict safety protocol.

Paramount Wastewater Solutions is a family owned and operated Wastewater Management Solutions company, located out of Central Texas. Originally established in 1995, the Kern family has provided a wide array of wastewater solutions for both commercial and residential clients. In 2002, Paramount began work in the portable toilet industry, and quickly grew in name and reputation as being a company that put clients first while maintaining ethical integrity. Throughout this time, Paramount also continued in the development, design, and maintenance of a wide variety of septic systems and developing various pipelines in the wastewater industry. In late 2018, the Kerns decided to focus solely on expanding further into the development and maintenance arena. Paramount Wastewater Solutions prides itself on putting the customer and the end-users first, because 'Customer Service is Paramount'.


Owned and operated by Patrick and Krista Kern, Paramount is a company that focuses on customer service, ethical management and growth. The owners possess a wide array of experience in both business and wastewater management that has allowed Paramount to thrive over 17 years of business and embark upon a myriad of market segmentations. With future growth in mind, Paramount is a key stabilizer in the Central Texas Wastewater Management Industry and will continue to establish its place as a leader in wastewater expertise.

Patrick Kern has the following skill set:

  • Bachelor's degree in agricultural economics
  • Master's degree in business administration
  • Installer II in the State of Texas Certified Maintenance Provider in the State of Texas
  • Registered Sanitarian in the State of Texas
  • Formerly Certified "General" real estate appraiser in the State of Texas (applicable to decentralized wastewater systems regarding the feasibility analysis for real estate projects)

Krista Kern has the following skill set:
  • Bachelor's degree in marketing
  • Extensive financial operation management experience
  • Customer Service specialist
  • Certified "Residential" Real Estate Appraisal Industry expert