Rusted grease trap cover

Signs Your Grease Trap Needs Cleaning

Most restaurants have grease traps. These devices prevent solids and grease from entering the drainage system by separating the oil, excess foodstuffs, and grease. However, a grease trap that’s not well maintained can lead to many issues, including increased risk of fire, unpleasant odors, and drainage clogging. That can mean lost revenue if your business is forced to close due to health issues for your customers and staff.

Failure to maintain your grease trap will also force you to incur high repair costs once maintenance is done. How can you prevent these issues from occurring? Well, by routinely maintaining your grease trap, of course!

You can clean your grease trap out yourself or rely on grease trap cleaning services. Here are a few signs that your grease trap needs to be pumped and cleaned.

Grease Trap Drain Is Slow-Moving or Backed Up

Grease, oil, fat, and food waste accumulating in your grease trap will solidify over time, making your sink drain less efficient. You should be able to see into your grease trap; when there’s dirt and grease buildup, this isn’t possible. The buildup also makes it harder for water to flow through the drainage, which causes slow waste movement.

If you notice that it takes longer for water to flow through the sink drain, you should reach out to experts for grease trap cleaning as soon as possible.

There’s a Bad Odor Coming from the Kitchen

If you notice a smell that doesn’t disappear when you clean the kitchen or take the garbage out, then it’s probably coming from your grease trap.

Smells from your grease trap often appear when grease, solids, sludge, food waste, and used cooking oil accumulate over time. If you notice a foul smell that doesn’t disappear after you’ve cleaned or emptied your trash, you should contract grease trap pumping and cleaning experts to clean out your grease trap.

You Notice Grease in Other Areas

When your grease trap is clogged, the oil may try to escape through sinks, water lines, pipes, and other possible exits, which will leave the kitchen messy. To avoid this, ensure that grease trap cleaning is done routinely.

There’s a Sewage Overflow at a Manhole

If you notice a sewage overflow at a manhole on your street or parking lot, then it’s safe to assume that someone nearby may have a clogged drain or pipe. It may be you, which is why you should have a grease trap maintenance schedule. 

How Long Has it Been Since Your Last Grease Trap Cleaning?

Food establishments are required to clean their grease traps at least once every 3 months. If you don’t remember when your grease trap was cleaned, it may be time for grease trap cleaning services.

You should clean your grease trap more frequently if your restaurant is busy, and you should always ensure your grease trap pumping and cleaning is done by professionals. Relying on professionals helps you avoid any grease-trap-related issues that an amateur may overlook.

At Paramount Wastewater Solutions, we take pride in taking care of any issues connected to grease traps and other drain-related defects. Contact us today for your waste-related needs. 

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