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Does my property HAVE a septic tank?

Trying To Find Out If Your Property Has A Septic Tank?

  1. Ask the Owner. Makes sense, right? Right. But be aware… the HOMEOWNER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. So here are some things you can ask the homeowner to help you identify if they REALLY have a septic system:
    • Do you know where the septic tank(s) is/are?
    • Can I look at your water bill (HINT: look for a sewer charge!)?
    • Have you ever had to have the system pumped?

      Are you STILL not sure whether or not there is a septic system?
  2. Ask the local County Health or Environmental Department.For this step, all you need is the address and legal description of the property, and a phone number. Simply contact the Bell County OSSF office here. From there if they say yes, ask for a drawing or permit information drawing for the system. This will allow you to help your owner move forward with the next necessary steps to successfully sell or buy the property.

    But wait. Maybe the COUNTY doesn’t have the right information… then what?
  3. Call the City where the home is located.This is where things can get a bit complicated… you can look to see if the property belongs to a MUD or has another method of water disposal. Contacting the municipal government can possibly be confusing, but this can still be another line of defense to get answers on the property in question.
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