High Water Alarms

WAIT. SEPTIC SYSTEMS HAVE ALARMS? Septic Alarms are something that are installed onto the unit of a septic tank. The purpose of an alarm is to let the owner know that, HEY! SOMETHING ISN’T RIGHT and I need to be checked. An alarm system can give you a warning when the water level in the pump tank […]

How does a Drainfield even work, and is it REALLY safe?

If you have heard anything at all about septic systems, then chances are you have heard some mention of a drainfield or a leach field. So if you’ve heard the term, chances are you probably have questions as to what they actually are. The term drainfield can be incredibly confusing because it can lead the […]

Evapotranspiration System

Wait… Is that really even a thing? I DON’T THINK ITS EVEN A WORD. Shockingly, yes. Evapotranspiration (also known as an ET system) is an ACTUAL thing and one that is actually very important to the world of wastewater. It may not seem like a real thing, but we promise – it is… So instead […]

Aerobic Systems

WHAT IS AN AEROBIC SYSTEM? Wait… if my septic system is an aerobic system, does this mean it likes to work out? Shocking, but the answer is no. But like an aerobic workout, an Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) uses oxygen to produce results. In the case of an ATU, oxygen is used to increase the […]

Conventional Septic Tank / Drain Field System

A Conventional System WHAT IS THAT? Most everyone has heard of a Conventional Septic System, especially living in Texas. However, not many people know what it actually means. As you can guess, these are the more traditional types of systems and are typically the most commonly used technology designed to treat wastewater. Basically, a conventional, […]

Low Pressure Dose System

WHAT IS THAT ? Most everyone has heard of Conventional Systems & Aerobic Systems, especially living in Texas. But have you ever heard of a Low-Pressure Dose (LPD) system? A Low-Pressure Dose system is one that is confusing for a lot of people but is a really useful system that has a lot of versatility. […]

An Overview: Why So Many Different Types of Systems?

Aerobic. Conventional. Low Pressure Dose. Evapotranspiration… Why so many? These are just to name a few! And really, you can’t compare the different types – its like comparing apples v. oranges. Different purposes, different needs. In fact, there are so many different types of septic systems that it will make your head spin. And if it is […]

Should I Buy A Home with a Septic Tank?

Hang on. Don’t be scared. We know that it is a feature that can make prospective buyers nervous, but it doesn’t have to be scary. We promise. Below are just a couple of questions prospective buyers tend to ask if they happen to be looking at a home with a septic tank. How Common Are […]

Does my property HAVE a septic tank?

Trying To Find Out If Your Property Has A Septic Tank? Ask the Owner. Makes sense, right? Right. But be aware… the HOMEOWNER IS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. So here are some things you can ask the homeowner to help you identify if they REALLY have a septic system: Do you know where the septic tank(s) is/are? Can I […]